Good to know facts about solar panels

Homeowners and business houses all over Nigeria are having solar installation from us at Hisecurity. We also wish to help you to have a solar installation in Nigeria. You may still be confused about whether it is an excellent investment to have such an energy system at your property. We are here to explain specific facts that will remove your confusion.

The lifespan of a solar panel

The first thing you need to understand is the lifespan of a solar panel: a solar power system building block. If you have us install a solar panel at the rooftop of your property now, then the panel will last for an average of 25 years and help you to have eco-friendly energy. It is not that after a few decades, the panels will stop functioning and you have to look for other means of power. After that period, the production of energy may have a decrease than that prescribed by the manufacturer.

Reasons for the degradation of solar panel

Various issues may lead to the degradation of the solar panel. Exposure to extreme climate changes, experiencing heavy soiling, or improper installation may cause some common causes for degradation. Let us see these issues in depth.

Issues with installation

To enhance the lifespan of a solar panel, we consider some vital aspects. The solar panels that we install are durable and do not develop defects quickly. However, when first linking and installing the panels, we take the utmost care so that there remains no fault. This is why many homeowners and business houses depend on us as a trusted installer. When we arrange the solar panels, our solar engineers consider the connection system and the roof’s condition. We make sure that the roof does not have any maintenance issues, which may cause problems after installing the panels.

Solar Installation in Nigeria


Weather also plays a significant role in the lifespan of panels. If there is a strong windstorm causing tree branches to fall on panels, then that can probably damage the anti-reflective glass coating that covers the solar panels. The heavy snowfall also can cause panels to have a loss of structural integrity and speed up degradation. Hailstones can also damage the glass. However, the panels we install have tested and certified to endure hailstorms and other windy weather systems.

Ways to expand the lifespan of solar panels

You may wonder as to how you can help to enhance the lifespan of your solar panels. That is where a qualified solar installation team like ours comes into play. We monitor the state of the entire system and find out a possible solution to any fault detected. You can also do your part. You can keep the panels clean and free of rubbish. We, as professionals, can evaluate the energy production of your system. If we notice a decrease in energy production, our solar maintenance professional will check your system to find out potential issues and find a solution to that.

When you have a solar installation in Nigeria from us, you can be sure to have eco-friendly energy not only for 25 years but also for a more extended period. We leave no stone unturned to offer you the best of solar installation.

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