CCTV Installation Training

CCTV Training Course, IP Cameras Installation, CCTV Security
Learn CCTV Security From Pro: IP CCTV, HD CCTV & Analogue, Made in Nigeria for: Enthusiast, Beginners & Professionals


What you’ll learn

  • Skills that will help you enter booming security industry and get well paid job. Security is rapidly shifting from old CCTV and Alarm Systems to IP Network based systems.
  • Setup of DVRs with HD cameras, use of 2MP, 3MP, 5MP or 8MP (4K – Ultra HD) cameras, HD camera formats: TVI, CVI, AHD, SDI.
  • Programming of IP cameras and NVRs with live examples. IP camera and NVR types and difference between them.
  • Video compression, comparison of H.264, H.265, H.265+, what frames per second (fps) to pick.
  • Basics of IP Networks required to work with IP Camera Systems: Ethernet connections, IP addresses, ports, routers and switches.
  • Tools and software required to work with IP cameras. Live examples how to use the software.
  • How CCTV camera works, how to calculate focal length required for your surveillance objective, camera parameters Requirements
  • A desire to learn!


This CCTV course provides comprehensive information about installation of IP Camera System. Most IP CCTV security systems are very similar (IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders) hence we focus on providing key information applicable to all CCTV systems. we want you to gain knowledge that will be useful for any system you will encounter and not just one particular make: Hikvision, Dahua or IC Realtime (although we use them as live examples).

As a part of my CCTV training you will learn basics of IP Networks required to work with IP Cameras and NVRs: Ethernet connections, IP addresses, routers and switches. we also explain use of tools useful for IP CCTV installation.

This CCTV installation course is also complemented with knowledge of HD and analogue CCTV surveillance systems. You will learn about: setup of DVR, use of 2MP,3MP,5MP or 8MP(4K – Ultra HD) cameras, HD camera formats: TVI, CVI, AHD, SDI, video compression: H.264, H.265, H.265+, frames per second, PTZ Camera and much more.


we wanted our CCTV security course to be also beneficial to absolute newbies so we added lessons covering fundamentals of CCTV, cameras, cables and tools. You will learn in our training course how CCTV camera works, what sensors it uses or what the focal length is and how to calculate it.


So if you are a technician that wants to learn IP camera systems or enthusiast beginner that wants to learn CCTV in general – Sign up

Who this course is for:

  • Enthusiast and people that want to learn new important skills to get well paid job in booming security industry.
  • People from other trades or industries (electrical, electrical engineering, electronics, information technology ) that want to learn IP Camera Systems and CCTV in general.
  • People from the security industry (Alarms, CCTV & Access Engineers), who want to learn IP camera systems.


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