Solar Installation in Nigeria

Solar Panel Installation: Electrifying Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s one of the most dominant countries, with the greatest GDP and highest population on the continent. Boasting over 2600 hours of sunlight per year and the world’s 31st largest economy, Nigeria has the environmental conditions to be a role player in renewable power sources like solar. In recent years, solar power has crept into power generation agenda in Nigeria and is becoming increasingly important as the energy consumption is getting higher due to population growth, urbanization, and today’s energy-dependent industry and society.


Residential Solar Energy Solutions: 

Hisecurity Nigeria provides solar energy solutions to commercial and residential buildings by supporting the installation of a solar photovoltaic system along with financing facility options. The consulting team at HiSecurity will help interested customers to structure the expenditure in ways that you do not need to make any additional expenditure as you can save greatly on your home’s energy bill. Our solution will incur no extra cost to our customers.

Industrial Solar Energy Solutions:

Hisecurity Nigeria provides cctv installation service and end-to-end solar solutions to industries. With us as solar energy partners, our clients will get huge energy savings in their electricity consumption and a guarantee of twenty-five years on our products. Our solar panel installations are available in a wide range and sizes with great price affordability and lifestyle choices. We help businesses and homeowners become energy independent through energy efficiency measures and energy production using solar power.


Our mission is to replace expensive lighting solutions with sustainable energy alternatives for the millions of people living without electricity in Africa. We want to be a leading energy and financial services provider to millions of customers in the developing world. Our high-quality solar products are offered on a reasonable financing plan. We take immense pride in our after-sales commitment, with customer service representatives who speak the local languages and replacement parts under warranty.



We make an in-depth architectural analysis of our customer’s site and then march towards system dimensioning and specifications.


We conduct a structural and environmental analysis of our customer’s site with design proposals, resource analysis, and cost required to define the scope of the project.


We execute the professional installation of the systems and technologies ensuring compliance with safety standards, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction on the top.

Operation and Maintenance

We offer predictive maintenance and remote monitoring services which consolidates our stance on quality assurance and makes sure that our system performs at prime levels. Call us at (+234) 9032588971 or contact us.

Solar Installation Faqs:

Q: What is solar energy?

A: Solar energy takes points of interest in the sunray to create heat or power. It is an endlessly renewable resource and unique for its capacity to create energy in a calm, clean, and steady way.

Q: Who can use solar power?

A: Anyone who utilizes power can utilize solar power to meet every electrical need, use as a back-up system, or as a beneficial power system.

Q: How many solar panels will I need ?

A: This will rely upon the amount of energy in watts that your apparatuses use. To get an idea of the wattage you’ll require, contact our technicians.

Q: Do my solar panels produce power when the sun isn’t shining?

A: The amount of power your solar energy system can produce is reliant on sunlight. Thus, your solar panels will create marginally less energy when the climate is overcast and no energy around evening time. In any case, as a result of high power costs and budgetary incentives, solar-based is a shrewd choice regardless of whether you live in an overcast city.

Q:Does the solar system have lighting surge protection?

A: Yes, solar systems have lighting surge protection.

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