Solar installation- the reliable source to meet the need of today’s electricity deficiency in Nigeria

More than one-third of the Nigerians population has been facing the power supply problem. The national power grid is unable to meet the power needs of most Nigerians! Most people are looking forward to alternative power sources that aren’t generating sets. Besides supply from the national grid or generators, homes and offices like to add solar panels as part of their power options. The government also banned low-cost generators a few years back, intending to cut down the carbon emissions and make the environment pollution free. It will give rise to the adoption of solar power among most Nigerians. Many private companies currently provide solar power solutions to as many customers in different parts of Nigeria. Among those, we are growing to be the leading solar installation service provider in Nigeria. We are providing such services across the country as well. The potential for solar energy is adopted much due to the following features that are likely to happen:

solar installation in Nigeria

Awareness among people increases the demand 

We offer our clients the best choice of technology in solar power installation since it is far less expensive than generators and diesel. At present, the need for solar power systems seems to be very high for significant reasons like fuel consumption, pollution, and scarcity of electricity in the grid. We make people aware of the benefits and the Government incentives available for solar installation and inspire people to go with solar power. The rise in demand, technological development, and more information make people go for solar installation in Nigeria.

Lead to drop in prices

Probably there is the general notion that solar energy is somewhat costlier than other conventional energy sources. It might be a little bit expensive in the short run. However our solar installation in Nigeria is pretty much inexpensive in the long term and we give you twenty-five years guarantee on our products. With the rise in the demand for solar installation, the market’s cost is also reduced. Also, we provide the lowest price offer then our counterparts as the adoption rate rises. We are also giving subscription payment plans for users to cut down on prices and increase the adoption of solar installation in Nigeria. It is a better option suitable for more people because most homes already own generators and AC wiring in the home or apartments.

More regulation:

At present, there isn’t any regulation for importing the solar panels into the country. As sensitization increases, the government focuses more on alternative energy sources and regulates to bring improved quality solar panels. The government gives facilities to procure and install good quality solar panels. However, we are recognized for superior quality solar installation in Nigeria instead of fake or substandard panels in the market. More regulation will also mean that solar power dealers/operators will have their business processes subjected to checks by such regulations.

Durable and reliable

Our solar installation engineers in Nigeria can determine the perfect system and energy budget that is right for your residence or commercial space. Residential solar power installations are durable as it is designed to last for years. It is also reliable and provides a trouble-free electric energy supply. Our solar installation systems are available in a wide range and sizes that start from 3kVA to 12kVAand even more. Our pre-packaged solar power systems are designed to offer a wide range of price affordability and lifestyle choices. Customers may select the methods appropriate for their needs or contact us for assistance. We can also provide you a full scope turn-key site survey, design, engineering, procurement, installation, and maintenance services. We work intending to ensure a successful project to put our customers’ minds at ease.

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