Protect your premises by adding CCTV camera at best price in Lagos

With the rising security needs, the demand for CCTV Camera in Lagos, Nigeria has been upraised. That’s why we are here with a wide range of CCTV Cameras along with the attractive prices in Lagos Nigeria. We are dedicated to providing the most qualitative CCTV camera at the best prices. We work with the sole aim of protecting people’s well-being by supplying various types of CCTV cameras throughout Lagos. Are you planning to get the CCTV camera system for your home in Nigeria? You need to weigh your options before concluding on which CCTV camera to go for. You should also care about the CCTV camera price in Lagos market. However, the prices vary on a lot of factors, but we would try to give you transparent information about how much it will cost you buying CCTV cameras in Lagos, Nigeria.

A closed-circuit television camera is a technology in which small video cameras places at the specific location and are linked to monitors, or television screens, in a prearranged position. They are often installed in a residence, commercial space, offices, banks, stores, casinos, malls, and on some private properties. It can attach to watch and regulate industrial processes, monitor traffic, and administer public buses, trains, or subways. CCTV cameras have so many unique features, such as the ability to tilt and pick up images even in the dark. However, it is essential to decide the area to place the CCTV security cameras. Also, ensure that which size of the lens and camera is required for your specific need. All such things will be considered to decide the average CCTV camera price in Lagos.

There are so many sophisticated CCTV cameras are available currently. CCTV camera price in Lagos varies based on the specification, features, and model of the camera, installation expertise. The installation of CCTV cameras has to be carried out by our trusted professionals who have proven experience setting them up. There are several good CCTV Installation companies in Lagos, Nigeria, but we are the most preferred company for our best quality CCTV products and services and we offer it at the most affordable prices. Listing out the things that comprise a full CCTV surveillance system and accessories needed for a complete installation is the first step to find brief information about CCTV camera price in Lagos. It would provide significant assistance if you consider the price for the following items.

  • The type of CCTV camera(s) you need
  • The place of installing the CCTV camera (indoors or outdoors cameras)
  • The quality of the camera that withstands the harsh weather conditions from the rain and sun)
  • How many cameras you need for indoor or outdoor
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and its format/quality of video storage etc.
  • which DVR to buy either four-channel, eight-channel, 16 channel 32 channel etc. as the number of cameras = numbers of the channel of DVR
  • Power supply
  • The time to keep the video footage to be stored
  • Hard disk for the footage storage
  • CCTV Cable to needed to cover the distance
  • BNC plugs
  • Power plugs based on CCTV Camera

CCTV camera is cloud-enabled and can be viewed from anywhere in the world on phones, tablets, and computer. Contact us for purchase and installation anywhere in Lagos, Nigeria – we charge the same price! We can install your CCTV camera to be powered by battery or solar, which will power your CCTV camera 24/7 without an inverter as well.

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